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Enjoy beautiful time in Israel and create unique memories

Israel Tours for Christians are becoming more and more popular with believers. Traveling and exploring the ancient religious sites, walking where Jesus walked, inspires Christians in the ministerial field to draw closer to Jesus. There are many benefits to Israel Tours for Christians. Believers who take the journey fellowship with others who share their faith, whose desire it is to bless Israel and bless one another. Every biblical site they visit gives them a deeper understanding of who Christ is and brings the bible to life. They create unique memories of their time together which last for a lifetime through holy land tourism.

How to plan successful visit to Israel?

If your heart’s desire is to plan a successful Christian group Israel tour, be sure to seek the help of a well-known and trusted leader in the Israel tourism industry. Coral Travel & Tours can create an incredible customized tour, including, travel dates, flight itinerary, hotel accommodations, sites and anything you can dream up to make your pilgrimage extra special. Wedding vow renewal is available upon request. With over 30-years-experience helping Christians journey to Israel, Coral Travel & Tours provides top notch customer service for planning and implementing highly successful Israel tours for Christians.




Coral Travel & Tours is a member of the Faith Travel Association of ministries. Their friendly, hardworking staff takes pride in providing customers with an unforgettable Israel tour experience. Whatever your requirements, no matter the size of your group or budget, Coral Travel & Tours has a tour for you. For Christians, there’s no better way to strengthen faith in Jesus and gain a deeper understanding of scripture than a trip to see where Christ ministered. If this is what motivates you don’t hesitate any longer. Explore the region where the kings and prophets of the Bible lived and be transformed. If you are ready to get started on your dream Israel tour, contact Coral Travel & Tours, Ltd.